Changi Airport Hotels Reviews

Review: Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport

Airport hotels have a captive market. It means they usually don't put much effort in, charge top-dollar and aren't places that make you want to come back in a hurry. Thankfully the Crowne Plaza at Singapore Changi Airport is a refreshing change.

Believe it or not, the 17th largest airport in the world, and 6th largest in the Asia Pacific region, with around 60 million passengers passing through each year, has only one airport hotel.

Well ok, that’s not quite true. The ‘Transit Hotels’ are available for airside passengers who need to sleep on a long layover between flights, but they are not otherwise available to the public. To access them – you must already be airside, and to stay there you must have an onward flight to catch from Singapore.

The reason of course that there are so few hotels at Changi airport is simple. Just 20 minutes in a cab, and you can be in the downtown core, Marina Bay, Orchard, etc… with a plethora of hotel options. If you’re stopping over for a whole day, it makes little sense to stay at the airport here.

If you do stay though, you won’t be disappointed by the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.


Hotel facts

The lobby was all decked out for Christmas. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Opened: 2008
Rooms: 320 in the original section + 243 in the new wing, opened in 2016
On-airport: Yes
Connected to terminals: Yes, at T3 and via SkyTrain to T1 & T2, or bus to T4
Check-in: 3pm
Check-out: 12pm (day use rooms also available)

Note that I was entitled to 2pm late check-out with my IHG Gold status, further extensions to this were chargeable at a rather steep S$35++ per hour.


The hotel is a short walk to the north end of Terminal 3. It can be reached from both arrivals and departures levels.

Even if you aren’t travelling to or from Terminal 3 – Terminal 1 & 2 are connected via a SkyTrain that takes about 4 minutes.

Traveller Tip: At the moment, due to the construction of the JEWEL megamall (think ion@Changi) – if you arrive or depart from T2, you must go on the Skytrain via T1 or walk through the MRT station – this will add 10 minutes to your journey.

Terminal 4 is more difficult (in every way!) and if your flight lands there you’ll have to take a bus to Terminal 2, before either walking through the MRT or going on the SkyTrain via T1. The same applies in reverse.

SkyTrax award

The Crowne Plaza Changi T3 has been awarded the world’s best airport hotel for 3 years in a row. Whilst we agree – please don’t think that means we ‘rate’ Skytrax awards. There are many question marks over their impartiality and we usually disagree with a large number of their ratings.


Room types

Frankly, a dizzying array – but it’s quite simple really as the rooms are mostly the same format just with different views. In the original wing – which is where the lobby, pool, gym and lounge are all located, there are King-Bed Premier Rooms and Twin-Bed Premier Rooms.

After that, you can select Runway View, Pool View and Pool-access. If you don’t choose any of those, you’ll save yourself S$20+ per night and get the same room type, just with a view of the approach road and the other terminals.

Traveller Tip: If you are noise sensitive – avoid the Runway View. Some reviews have pointed out that despite best efforts made to soundproof the windows, the room can still be quite noisy.

Noise levels in Pool and Pool-access rooms will always be at the mercy of other guests (and their offspring).

The “Club” rooms are effectively identical – you are just paying more (usually around S$50 per night) for access to the club lounge. We’ll go into more detail on why this is a good option later on.

The new wing houses the Business Rooms, which are smaller but still very well equipped and are very good value for money – just don’t expect a choice of views.

Business Room (IHG)
The ‘Business rooms’ in the new wing of the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. (Photo: IHG)

We chose the King-Bed Club Room and were quite pleased with the view of the approach road, opposite terminal and runway (in the distance).

Club King-Bed room

As we’ve said above, this is effectively the same as the King-Bed Premier Room, only with club access.

Considering this part of the hotel was opened nearly 10 years ago, the room is in very good condition. Clearly, some parts have been refitted over the years, which is a good sign.

The entranceway has a mini-bar, capsule coffee machine and a small wardrobe – hidden by a sliding door that moves across to hide the amenities when open.

The room opens out to a desk area, wall-mounted TV (with USB port), a leather sofa that splits in the middle to create two chairs instead if preferred, and a large and comfortable King-size bed.

Floor-to-ceiling windows run along the far wall and are equipped with day curtains and heavy blackout curtains for daytime sleeping.

The bathroom includes a separate freestanding shower cubicle and bathtub. The amenities provided were by The White Company, and more items were available on request in the case of an unscheduled stay without your own toiletries.

All power points are multi-standard sockets and are available next to the bed and at the desk. The “Handy” device next to the bed is a rather clever addition for out of town travellers. Everything from concierge services, international calls, and restaurant recommendations – all on the smartphone provided in the room. You can even take it with you if you go out exploring during the day to stay connected. More on Handy here.

Bedside multi-standard charging socket, alarm-radio with smartphone dock which doubles as a speaker, and ‘Handy’. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Check out the VR 360 degree tour below – a feature we’ll hopefully be including in many of our future reviews.

Club lounge

Now – here is where we think the real value comes. Crowne Plaza has created an exceptionally good product here.

The Club Lounge is located on the same level as the pool and gym. On entry (via key-card) you are greeted with a small reception.

Further into the lounge an array of different and quirky designed sofas and seats are available, as well as a long sweeping leather couch in the corner. There is a small formal dining area, overlooking the swimming pool, and at the back is the buffet and bar section.