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Review: Qantas Singapore Business Lounge

Often touted as the best oneworld lounge at Singapore Changi airport, the Qantas Lounge has recently been expanded. We stopped by in September 2019 to check it out.


The Qantas Singapore Lounge, no doubt soon to be rebadged the “Qantas Singapore Business Lounge” to avoid confusion with the upcoming Qantas Singapore First Lounge later this year, opened its doors back in April 2013. It marked the first of David Caon’s premium designs, now common across the airline’s latest lounges and in-flight products.

Last year the Australian carrier significantly increased operations at Changi having once again routed its A380 Sydney to London flights through Singapore, also using the superjumbo on Melbourne – Singapore services and increasing capacity on some other routes, like Perth.

That put some strain on the existing lounge, with a welcome expansion added in August 2019 increasing capacity to almost 600 guests.

We thought it was about time to pay a visit and write a full review of the popular facility, which is also available to selected oneworld, Emirates and Jetstar passengers.

General details

Opening Times: 2.30pm to midnight
Showers: Yes
Spa: No
Bar: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Multi-standard Power Sockets: Yes
USB Charging Sockets: Yes


Lounge access

QFtrans.png EKtrans2.png oneworld.png

This lounge is available to passengers flying on a Qantas or Emirates flight, or on a oneworld member operated flight:

  • in First Class or Business Class; or
  • in Premium Economy or Economy Class and holding Qantas Platinum OnePlatinum or Gold status, Emirates Platinum or Gold Skywards status* or oneworld Emerald or Sapphire status**.

* Qantas or Emirates flights only
** Qantas or oneworld flights only


This lounge is also available to passengers flying on a Jetstar flight (coded JQ, 3K or BL):

  • on a Jetstar Business Max fare; or
  • holding Qantas Platinum OnePlatinum or Gold status.

QF Club.jpg

If you are a Qantas Club member flying on a Qantas (QF) or Jetstar (JQ, 3K or BL) flight number you are also permitted access.

Guest policy

Passengers using this lounge on the basis of their Qantas Frequent Flyer status can bring one guest into the lounge with them. The guest must be travelling:

  • on a QF or oneworld flight number, if the member is flying Qantas or oneworld; or
  • on the same flight as the member, if the member is flying Emirates or Jetstar.

Passengers using this lounge on the basis of their oneworld status can bring one guest into the lounge with them. The guest must be travelling on a oneworld flight number.

Passengers using this lounge on the basis of their Emirates Skywards status can bring one guest into the lounge with them. The guest must be travelling on the same flight as the member.

Passengers using this lounge on the basis of their eligible travel class can bring one guest into the lounge with them, provided the passenger is travelling:

  • Qantas or Emirates First Class; or
  • Qantas Business Class

The guest must be travelling on the same flight as the passenger in these cases.

Note that Emirates Business Class passengers without Platinum or Gold Skywards status are not entitled to any guest allowance.



The Qantas Singapore Business Lounge is located on Level 3 of Changi Terminal 1’s transit area, one level above the departure concourse.

Qantas check in desks are located at Row 8 in Terminal 1. After checking in and clearing the immigration desks, make a left turn towards the C gates, then take the first escalator on the right up to the lounges.

Map Check In.jpg
Click to enlarge. (Image: MainlyMiles / CAG)

The escalator is well signed, and located just after the electronics duty free shop.

Route to the Qantas Singapore Business Lounge. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

This level 3 lounge complex also houses the British Airways, Thai Airways and SATS Premier lounges in Terminal 1.

Escalator Sign
Other lounges in the same complex. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Turn left at the top of the escalator and the Qantas Business Lounge is straight ahead at the back of the corridor.

Map Lounges.jpg
Click to enlarge. (Image: MainlyMiles / CAG)
Corridor Entrance
The lounge entrance is at the end of the corridor. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

First impressions

As you enter the lounge it’s a quick transition from Changi’s ‘casino carpet’ to a more modern industrial-style flooring, with a semicircle of decorative floor tiles flanking the two welcome podiums.

Entrance 2
Lounge entrance. (Photo: MainlyMiles)
Welcome podiums. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

These are set against a stark white backdrop with a backlit motif – the iconic Qantas kangaroo. We’ve visited many airline lounges at their home base and this is quite an entrance in comparison, considering Singapore is an outstation lounge for the airline.

We arrived armed with our Qatar Airways Business Class boarding cards and the lounge agent welcomed us inside, with a polite reminder that calls are only made for Qantas flights, so we would have to be aware when to leave in order to make it to our gate in good time.

A decorative wooden wall adorned with the Qantas logo runs along the corridor as you make a 90-degree turn from the reception area into the lounge itself.

Entrance 3
Lounge entrance. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The first thing that strikes you about this lounge is the decor. It has a broadly industrial look, with polished concrete floors and exposed ducting in the ceiling above many sections, especially the dining area.

Most of the walls are white, with white marble used in places. Seating areas in different colours offset the stark decor.

Despite being over six years old, the lounge is clearly being excellently maintained and could still pass as almost brand new if you didn’t know otherwise.



The first section you reach on entering the lounge is the bar. Cocktail bars are fast becoming the expectation for Business Class lounges around the world.

Remarkably, the Qantas Lounge remains the only Business Class airline-operated facility at Singapore Changi Airport to feature a manned bar.

Bar Counter 2.jpg
Bar at the Qantas Singapore Business Lounge. (Photo: MainlyMiles)
Bar Span.jpg
Bar at the Qantas Singapore Business Lounge. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

That will change next year when home carrier Singapore Airlines finally reopens its dated SilverKris Business lounge in Terminal 3, including a tended bar, but in fact we expect Qatar Airways will beat them to it.

The Gulf carrier’s premium lounge in Terminal 1 is expected to open its doors in December 2019, and will almost certainly include their signature martini bar.

Back to the Qantas lounge though, there’s a wide selection of spirits and the bar tenders will happily mix you a cocktail, or just a glass of wine, beer or a soft drink.

Speaking of beer the lounge currently offers Perth-based Little Creatures on tap, which is a nice Aussie touch and a refreshing change from the Heineken and Tiger they were previously pouring.

Little Creatures Taps.jpg
Little Creatures is on tap at the Qantas Singapore Business Lounge. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The two options offered during our visit were Pale Ale (Hoppy & Balanced) and the Dog Days (Juicy Fresh).

The Pale Ale is a favourite of ours, so it was an obvious choice.

Bar Little Creatures.jpg
Little Creatures Pale Ale. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

If Little Creatures isn’t your thing, cans of Tiger or Heineken are still available. A self-service chilled water dispenser is located at one end of the bar, with some snacks at the opposite side. Both of these can also be found dotted around other parts of the lounge.

You can sit at the bar itself, or if you wish at the low yellow chairs and tables in the bar area.

Chairs Yellow Bar.jpg
Bar seating. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

These sit alongside another bar counter with high bar stool seating.

Bar Overview
Self-serve bar counter. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

On our previous visits to the Qantas lounge this was simply a seating option, but it has been repurposed as a self-serve drinks counter with all six wines, bar snacks and chilled water available, alongside the appropriate glassware.